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Lipreading Skills provides individual and group lipreading classes which support and help you to manage your hearing loss.

Lipreading and managing hearing loss classes are for anyone who has difficulty in hearing and in following a conversation even though they may wear a hearing aid. Having a hearing loss can make communication with others challenging, as well as a feeling of isolation and loneliness. The classes are held in a relaxed setting and cover the skills of lipreading, as well as communication strategies to help you lipread more effectively. The group classes also give you the opportunity to meet and learn with others in a similar situation to your own.

I very much look forward to you joining me in one of my lipreading and managing hearing loss classes.

“Communication is the longing of every human heart.”

(Janine Roebuck, 2017)

Our Approach

Jackie qualified in 2019 as a Lipreading Tutor with City Lit and obtained her level 3 award in Education & Training with Train Aid. She is a full member of The Association of Lipreading Tutors to Adults (ATLA) and is also an invited reader for the website Stories for Lipreading.

Jackie’s skills and experience gained throughout her Human Resources career forms the basis of her professional and structured approach to her teaching. She has studied speech & drama, and has a friendly, inclusive, and supportive approach to her teaching. Jackie looks to develop a mutual trust and respect with her students.

Jackie is keen to help & support you to develop your ongoing lipreading skills and knowledge, to enable you to build your confidence in managing your hearing loss.

Jackie Weston
Jackie Weston, MSc, MA


Lipreading is so much more than reading a person’s lips. Most of us lipread without realising it, particularly in a noisy environment. Lipreading involves a number of different processes which happen at the same time, which in turn helps the person who is lipreading to follow what is being said. The aim of lipreading is not to lipread every word but to pick up the keywords in the sentence and to obtain the gist of the conversation.

If you have a hearing loss, attending a lipreading and managing your hearing loss class can help with communication with friends, family and work colleagues and connecting you to the hearing world.

“I’ve never let my hearing loss be a barrier in my dreams”

(Mat Gilbert, 2016)


Lipreading Classes 2021

Currently, all classes outlined below are online until further notice.

  • A free introductory lesson to Lipreading.
  • Group lessons (maximum 6).
  • Individual lessons.
  • Private group classes.

Booking your class

To book or for further information, please contact Jackie through the contact page on the website or via the email contact details below.

“I actually think the deafness makes you see clearer. If you can’t hear you can somehow see”

(David Hockney, 2001)

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